Upcoming AI Tech for Inspections courtesy of GETS-USA

Steve Stuart Legacy Components with GETS-USA


We had the opportunity to head over to Global ETS – one of our partner labs that happens to have a facility right here in Tampa – and check out some of their latest innovations.

With their upcoming AI technology called GETS 2.0, , Legacy Components will be able to offer clients:

  • Shorter lead times
  • More comprehensive test reports
  • Higher precision in deconstructive testing


We’re extremely excited about this for our clients, and looking forward to watching GETS roll this new tech out to the marketplace!!

GETS-USA with Legacy Components

GETS-USA and Legacy Components


About GETS:

Global ETS (GETS) offers many of the most comprehensive, next generation of independent component authentication and unparalleled quality testing services available in the industry today.

This is the type of independent, unbiased top tier quality component authentication testing lab the industry has been waiting for. While offering new, proprietary technologies, software, hardware and analytical testing methodologies, GETS is able to streamline testing services, resulting in flexibility that enables more affordable price structures in a quarter of the time for their client base, as opposed to GETS’ competitors that still offer dated, more time consuming testing methods that are much more costly.




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