Supply Chain Burnout

supply chain issues for electronic components

It is said that “winning cures every locker room problem’.  When things are great and everyone is winning it’s easy to fall into complacency.  It’s why we rarely see sports teams winning more than one championship in a row.  Keeping the commitment levels at optimal levels becomes challenging as we get a taste of success.  This isn’t good or bad, but simply a feature of human nature. 


So what happens when your ship slams into an iceberg? 


Recent supply chain issues (and the ever growing realization that these problems are not going away anytime soon) have shaken lots of companies to their core.  What was once a steady and consistent aspect of their business has been thrown into a state of never ending disarray.   


You may be wondering what on earth is going on, and how does this end well? 


It ends well by realizing that this is simply another challenge that you must overcome.  Those that do will survive.  Those that don’t will not.  This is the life cycle of business as always, simply in a new form. 


So how do we get the ship straightened back out? 


Realty vs Hope:  First and foremost, you must accept the challenge.  These problems regarding electronic components are the new reality, and managing them better than your competitors is possibly the difference between winning and losing. It’s simply part of the program now.  Yes, it sucks.  But it’s the truth.  Accept it. 


Reestablish Culture:  Challenging times require more effort from management.  And that effort cannot be limited to the beliefs of pre-2020.  Healthy cultures can withstand a lot more than toxic or complacent ones.  So double down on what made your company great to begin with, and channel that youthful energy for the challenging new frontier ahead. 


New Benchmarks of Success:  Supply chain success was probably not something that was celebrated a few years ago.  Well, it should be now.  Electronic component distributors and manufacturers should be celebrating the wins, as this is the defining challenge of our time. 


Luke Smith does a great job of analyzing items such as these, and you can view his article here:


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