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Excess Component Liquidation

Excess Electronic Components

Turn your excess inventory into cash with help from Legacy Components.  We offer multiple paths to help you liquidate your excess inventories.  Our website presence combined with Google Shop and Amazon listings extend our marketing and sales reach to a broader audience of potential buyers.

The Parts
You Need
to Move

utilizing our sales & marketing staff



Make your Excess Inventory
available to our Buyers

Legacy components works with hundreds of OEM and EMS companies stocking thousands of electronic and electrical components they no longer want or need. We can help you connect to buyers who are interested in purchasing their excess or unused inventory.  Give us access to your inventory lists so that we can publish to our site and our sales team to find new opportunities to move your parts.

Sell Us your Excess Inventory

Are you more interested in a quick sale? Legacy Components can completely liquidate your inventory, providing immediate payments and clearing your valuable warehouse space.


Excess Inventory Consignment

Through our excess consignment program, our team will evaluate your inventory, assist with logistics, and move your excess and obsolete components for storage in our temperature-and humidity-controlled logistics center. We then Target our existing pool of Buyers who have purchased similar products while using powerful internet tools to increase visibility on our site, the search engines and off-site e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Google.