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Certifications and Registrations

Our processes to ensure highest standards of authenticity, quality and service of your electronic component requirements.

The Trusted Source for Buyers and Engineers
Direct Access to Source or Liquidate millions of Traceable and Vetted Electronic Components


Global Reach
with Peace of Mind

Our network of test labs, shipping hubs, and logistics professionals ensure smooth export compliance and on-time deliveries no matter where you need the parts delivered

Highly trained inspectors ensure you will get authentic electronic components each and every time you order with us. 
All non-traceable components are fully certified and tested to satisfy AS9120 and AS6081 requirements. So whether you are a buyer for Aerospace and Defense Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Factory Automation, IC's and Semiconductors, or Peripherals, you can rest assured that your electronic components will be delivered fast and accurately with all the proper documentation.


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